My recommendations for books


(which are available at the condo, each has an Amazon link)







Two hundred and fifty years ago a pirate ship


 might have been careened out front of the condo


and the pirates camped on the beach.




If a Pirate I Must Be

This is the story of the pirate Black Bart. More importantly, it describes why people became pirates. Many did not want to but were forced into service on slave ships.  To get out of the horrible conditions, many signed on with the pirates. It talks of the pirate’s democracy. How they elected captains. How they determined shares. This is a GREAT book!




A general history of the Robberies & Murders of the most Notorious pyrates

Captain Johnson wrote this book in the 1700s. It is a GREAT book and well worth the read.






You think you have tides figured out, do you? You have eight or ten years of post graduate education, do you? This book is for you. There’s more going on regarding tides than I will ever understand. Just watching the tides in front of the condo confounds me. Not as much as this book confounds me, but close.




How to Read a North Carolina Beach

Beaches aren’t at all static. The come. They go. They change, even from day to day they change.




RIP Current Education for the OUter BankS (a DVD)

PLEASE, if you don’t understand how the ocean can form rip currents that can wash the best of swimmers out to sea, WATCH THIS VIDEO. I subscribe to print and on-line OBX news and there isn’t a summer’s week that goes by without someone [sometimes] getting rescued.  This is not available on Amazon.


 Here is a link to the National Weather Service's RIP current education page.




Beginner's guide to shorebirds

Just when you think you know what bird you’re looking at, another flies by that you’ve never seen before. This book will help. It might also drive you crazy as a lot of shorebirds look the same.




rIVER OF sAND video


rIVER OF sANd book


All about the Island.








5,000 runs down the beach


This is a really fun book containing many short chapter about all the stuff visitors see through the eyes of a year-round resident.  RECOMMENDED!.



Gull Island and Other Stories


Great local stories.



America's Beach - The People of Hatteras Island (A DVD)


Stories about the locals.  The hyperlink above is to a YouTube version.